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Choosing Door Locks for Your Home: A Look at Latch-Based Locks

Choosing Door Locks for Your Home: A Look at Latch-Based Locks

It is advisable to trust the advice of a locksmith near you when it comes to which kind of locks you should have on your doors. However, it is critical to understand the pros and cons of each kind of lock in order to make an informed final decision to keep your home safe.

When it comes to door locks, and especially those you will use on your front door, you need to have a clear understanding of how each kind of lock will work. Latch-based locks are quite popular in most homes and are usually attached to a door handle or door knob. They are opened using a key from the outside and the door knob or handle on the inside. With these locks, you have two options: latchbolts and deadlatches, so here is a look at their working mechanisms to help you decide.

They also use a spring mechanism that allows the door to automatically lock itself once the door is shut. If you want a locksmith in Charlotte, NC, then you’ll need a reputable professional to handle the installation.

Choosing Door Locks for Your Home: A Look at Latch-Based Locks

Latchbolt Locks

The latchbolts use the spring mechanism that facilitates the movement of the bolt. The spring is attached to the bolt and contracts and expands based on the movement of the door handle or in response to any pressure placed on the bolt. The bolt is designed in an angular shape and extends from the lock to the strike plate attached to the door frame with a corresponding space where the bolt fits in to effectively lock the door.

As you shut the door, the protruding blot will retract as it is pushed back by the strike plate until it reaches the hollow section where it will extend fully into it and secure the door. The latchbolt design is such that as you turn the door handle or door knob, the bolt moves in and out of the lock.

The advantage of a latchbolt is that the door will lock automatically and the only way to access the room is using a key from the outside or if you open it yourself from the inside. The disadvantage, however, is that it is quite easy to pick using a thin, flat tool like a card which can slide the bolt out of the hollow in the strike plate. Further, if a person gains access through a window, they only have to turn the door handle to let themselves out or other people in.

Choosing Door Locks for Your Home: A Look at Latch-Based Locks

Deadlatch Locks

The other option for latches is the deadlatch. It functions in exactly the same way as the latchbolt only that it has an added feature called a guardbolt. This is a small bolt located beside the lock’s main bolt. Both bolts are attached to a spring within the locks such that they move together as you turn the door handle, much like with the latchbolt.

The difference is that although the latchbolt responds to pressure on the bolt by compressing the spring and retracting the bolt, the guardbolt on the deadlatch prevents the bolt from retracting when pressure is placed directly on it. This means that once the main bolt is in the strike plate, the guardbolt ensures that it remains in place until someone turns the door handle from the inside or opens the door with a key.

The advantage of this design is that, unlike with the latchbolt, one cannot use a flat tool to gain access into your home from the outside. It also locks automatically so that if you are running out of the house, you need not worry that you didn’t lock your door. However, it still has the disadvantages of allowing access from the inside since one doesn’t need a key for that. A burglar can break a window near your door and simply open up the door from inside.

With this information, you should be able to make the best choice for your home.

Sandy Mahl Songwriter

Sandy Mahl Songwriter

Once a well known name, Sandy Mahl is no longer as much in the limelight as she was when she was married to country singer Garth Brooks. Yet Sandy was one of the female songwriters in her own right and has an alleged net worth of $125 million. So what is there to know about this one-time celebrity?

Sandy Mahl’s Background

Born on January 16th 1965 in Tulsa Oklahoma, Sandy Mahl was the child of Pat and John Mahl and had a sister, Debbie. She attended Oklahoma State University, and it was while she was a student there that she met her future husband, Garth Brooks. At that time, Garth went by his original name of Troyal and was working as a bouncer at a local bar, the Tumbleweed Ballroom in Stillwater. He was called to break up a fight between two women in the bathroom and ended up driving one of them back home that night. That woman was Sandy Mahl, and following this incident, the pair began dating. Eventually, the relationship became serious, and the pair got married.

Sandy Mahl’s Marriage To Garth Brooks

Sandy married Garth Brooks on May 24th 1986, after which the couple decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee. They struggled financially but throughout all the difficult time, Sandy persuaded her husband to carry on following his dreams of becoming a famous country singer, being instrumental in his eventual success, having written and co-written many of his songs. Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl had three daughters within the next few years – Taylor Mayne Pearl, born in 1992, August Anna, born in 1994 and Allie Colleen, born in 1996. Unfortunately, her marriage to the singer suffered from his stardom, as Brooks had to regularly go on tour and rumors of his infidelities spread. Although the singer decided to retire from the music industry towards the end of 2000 in order to try to repair his relationship and to spend more time with his children and his wife, this could not remedy the cracks that had appeared in their marriage and the pair filed for divorce in the October of that year. Their relationship ended amicably, however their divorce resulted in an enormous payout for songwriter Sandy, who received a huge sum of $125 million to support and care for their daughters.

Sandy Mahl’s Song Writing Career

Many of Garth Brook’s songs were actually co-written with his then-wife Sandy Mahl. Songs that she has penned have featured on his albums from 1989 right through to 2013, and some of her best known work includes the song. That Summer, which reached number one on the Billboard Country Charts in 1993.

Sandy Mahl Today

Today, Sandy is a successful business woman who is focusing on co-parenting and raising her three daughters alongside her former husband. As yet, she has not remarried, although Garth Brooks has since married fellow country singer Tricia Yearwood, whom he had first met just 13 months into his marriage with Mahl, in December 2005. She now lives in Oklahoma, close to her children who have now grown up and had children of their own.

5 Must Have Wood Shop Tools

5 Must Have Wood Shop Tools

5 Must Have Wood Shop Tools

There are tools that a person needs if they are going to be working with wood, and you have to invest in these tools before you set up your wood shop. You need to set out to purchase five specific tools so that you are set up with all that you need to tackle any woodworking project. It is important for you to find the best options as you are shopping for these tools so that you can handle any project easily.

A Wood Router Will Help You Hollow Out Wood

When you are looking to make an indentation in the front of a large piece of wood, like when you are working on creating cabinets, you can use a wood router to help you do that. You can put a router to work in clearing away wood and creating a hollow space.

A Table Saw Makes Cutting Wood Easy to Handle

If you would like to take a board and cut it in half, you can set that board up on a table saw and easily make a straight cut across it. If you are looking to cut wood in a handy way, you can do that with a table saw and the workspace that it provides to you.

5 Must Have Wood Shop Tools

A Jigsaw Helps You to Do More Than Straight Cuts

When you are looking to handle cuts in the wood that go beyond straight cuts, you can use a jigsaw to help you get those cuts made. If you would like to work on wood without a bulky table saw, a jigsaw is a simple and handheld solution for you.

A Drill is a Must for Any Woodworker

There are going to be times when you need to make holes in the wood that you are using, and the best way to do that is through the use of a drill. A power drill set up with the right bit will help you make a hole that is just the right size, and make that hole in a quick manner and without a lot of effort.

A Sander Helps You Smooth Rough Surfaces

When you are working on a project of any kind, you are going to come across corners that are rough. You are going to deal with slivers of wood that are sticking out from the finished item. You need to use a sander to smooth things out and help to bring a completed look to the piece that you have put together.

There are some tools that someone like you cannot do without if you are going to be working with wood. It is important for you to set yourself up with those tools and to make sure that you are ready for any job that comes your way. A drill will be useful with a number of projects, as will a wood router. Make sure that you have the variety of tools that you need or woodworking, and that you have tools made by good companies that will not fail you.

What Are The Softest Bed Sheets

What Are The Softest Bed Sheets

Shopping for any type of bed sheets can be a tricky matter and gives the buyer a lot of things to consider when deciding matters most. On any list you’ll see something that relates to a need for soft sheets. Shopping for soft sheets can sometimes be pricey so it’s important to set a budget and know exactly what you are looking for before you begin your search.

Can’t Go Wrong With Cotton

The softest material in any sheet is cotton so most of the softest sheets on the market are made up of 100% cotton. While cotton sheets aren’t always soft right out of the package they improve with each wash cycle. Within just a few months of these cycles you will have luxuriously soft bedding with a cool feeling during the hot summer nights and warm feeling during those cool autumn evenings.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a sheet set with 100% cotton you could always look into other options such as satin, bamboo, brushed linen, jersey, and others that are less known. The comparison of these other options can sometimes be stressful but if you’re looking for the softest to cotton feel you should go with satin.

The Benefits of Satin

Satin always provides a slick feel, with a high end appearance, and a cheaper price range than cotton sheets. The only downside to satin sheets is the thread count, which runs around 230 versus cotton’s 400 thread count. Due to this low count the sheets should always be pre-washed in order to prevent any black dye transfer. This means maintenance can sometimes be more of a struggle than the cotton sheets.

Treating your guests and children to the same soft sheet could benefit everyone within the home. Just keep in mind that although sheet shopping can be stressful you’ll never go wrong with any high thread count, cotton or satin sheet for any bed in the house.

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